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Steve Ball

Steve Ball

Occupational Background

Owner, Basin indoor Gardening

Cabinet & furniture maker

Licensed Specialty Conractor

Educational Background

Central Oregon Community College, AA - Geology

Prior Govermental Experience

Phi Theta Kappa President

NW Regional President, Phi Theta Kappa

Candidate Statement

"Thank you for caring about our future. I am Steve Ball, candidate for Klamath County Commissioner position 3. My main focus as Commissioner will be facilitating the positive changes our county deserves, listening to your concerns and finding solutions from all resources available. First a little about who I am: I was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1970, moved to Bend in 1983 where I was a high school wrestler and worked on my parents firewood lot. I received an academic scholarship to Central Oregon Community College and earned an Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Geology. While attending COCC I supported myself, worked, was an honor student and served as North West Regional Honor Society President. For 21 years I worked as a cabinetmaker serving the roles of project manager, designer and foreman, even fortunate enough to travel the country for a few years installing and building resort style golf pro shops. My wife and I moved to Klamath Falls 9 years ago just before the economic downfall so I was forced to make a career change.

For the past 7 years I have owned Basin Indoor Gardening in downtown Klamath Falls. We are very proud to have two employees and even more grateful to operate a business together. I have been a middle manager most of my life and intend on maintaining that style of leadership when elected. Groups make better decisions than individuals so I will also bring approachability, intelligence and an open mind to the position. It is important that you know my campaign expenditures for the primary were kept intentionally below $750 for the purpose of proving it could be done on a tight budget (a Klamath County budget) and also to remain unbiased and neutral throughout the process. Many people wanted to donate and I am very thankful for them but in the end the best contribution anyone can give is to fill in the bubble next to my name when voting this May. If elected then my wife Kristi will run our store, she pretty much already does, and I will work exclusively and full time as Commissioner.

Now to address the thee highest priorities I will have when elected. Klamath County has a lot to be proud of but also a lot to improve upon. The Economy, Infrastructure, and Health/Human Services are areas I believe deserve the most attention. I like small businesses and believe capitalism, free enterprise and individual liberties are the backbone of our nation. Poverty is a symptom and reason for a lot of the issues we face and unless we are happy with the way things are something needs to happen. Direct marketing at airport kiosks, magazine advertisements targeting athletes, travelers, investors, businesses, and tourists are good ways to show the world how good we have it here. We need people to occupy empty buildings and homes, to repair blighted properties, to start a business here. Ordinances and codes that are limiting growth and progress need to be worked through to enable an active real estate market. There will always be budget shortfalls so an economically improving and growing economy is the best way to make money available to pay the counties bills. With the natural beauty and recreational opportunities surrounding us coupled with our diversity we have tremendous potential.

Infrastructure affects commerce, safety, and public image so it deserves funding priority. The past several years have seen budget deficits that resulted in monies being spent for departments they were not intended for. I do not plan on borrowing from one budget to pay another and it is time to improve Klamath Counties roads, bridges, medians, guardrails, lighting, rest stops and overpasses, Third of my highest priorities will be Health and Human Services as I believe that when a person is healthy and happy at home then they are more conducive to a healthy society. A strong community gives help to those in need and strengthens people already doing well. Meals on Wheels deserves funding as well as services for adults needing assistance...when the water rises all ships in the harbor rise with it. Steve Ball For Commissioner -It's About All Of Us-"