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The Klamath County LWV is happy to hear from anyone who would like to talk to us. In fact, we consider on-topic comments about our organization, local or other issues, or the political process in general. Keep in mind we are non-partisan. That means we don’t support any political party or candidate. Rather, we focus on the study of issues to better inform all voters.

You are welcome to leave comments on many of our pages. Or subscribe to our newsletter. Of course you may contact board members directly, attend our meetings, or read our materials. Finally, check our calendar for a list of upcoming public meetings of interest in the political process.


MEETINGS: 409 Pine #211 Klamath Falls, OR  97601
MAILING: 8880 Tingley Lane, Klamath Falls OR 97603


Information about our Board meetings. Find our recent board meeting minutes HERE.


President: Sue Fortune

contact us: Sue Fortune

Treasurer: Leslie Lowe

Contact us: Leslie Lowe

Vice President/ Secretary: Karen Kunz

Contact us: Karen Kunz

Board Members

Jody Daniels

Linda Tittle

Board member Linda Tittle photo

Emily Strauss

Courtney Neubauer

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