Harvard University-High School Case Study Project and the LWV

This past summer of 2019, for the first time in Oregon, the LWV joined with Harvard University to sponsor 13 high school teachers from around the state to participate in a free curriculum development project. Five of the teachers were from Southern Oregon high schools: Klamath Falls, Mazama, Lost River, and Paisley.

LWV Klamath County participates in Harvard case study teacher training program
Teach Workshop 2019

the harvard case study program

The Case Method Project is an initiative formed to achieve two goals:

  1. Bring case method teaching to high schools and colleges
  2. Use this methodology to deepen students’ understanding of American democracy

Based on the highly successful experience of Harvard Business School and other graduate and professional programs that use case-based teaching, we believe the case method can be employed to strengthen high school and college education as well, ensuring a more exciting, relevant, and effective experience for students and teachers across a range of subjects. We also believe the case method can be especially effective at engaging students with topics in history and democracy and that it presents a unique opportunity to help reverse the broad decline in civic education – and civic engagement – in the United States.

Here are profiles of our Oregon participants.

Here are the cases included in the program.

As a result of this project, the LWV Oregon and local leagues such as Klamath Falls will coordinate public presentations to be held in the Spring of 2020 with the teachers and their students to highlight the learning process using the case study method. These presentations will allow students and teachers to showcase their classroom work, and offer educational opportunities for the public. Our LWV Klamath County will help with these efforts, possibly to be held in public libraries, school facilities, or other public spaces. Everyone will be invited to attend, listen, discuss, and learn.