New Documentary: The State of Equality

In the lead up to the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment we wanted to bring to your attention the film The State of Equality– a documentary that highlights how the West led the country on women’s suffrage a full 50 years before the passage of the 19th Amendment. The broadcast 56 minute version was a co-production of Wyoming PBS and Caldera Productions and can be viewed for free on YouTube. We have also created a short 20 minute version of the film that is perfect for in person or virtual screening & discussion events.

The short version is available on Amazon for home viewing and for organizations looking to screen the film for a small licensing feeThe State of Equality was also recently nominated for an Emmy for best historical documentary with the awards being announced this Saturday. 
As the voting season heats up we hope that The State of Equality can be utilized for gatherings, events, virtual screenings or more to celebrate the 19th Amendment 100th anniversary, learn about the pioneers of women voting, or discuss voting access in your state by learning about the history of the vote in the West.

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