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Current and upcoming LWV Klamath County meetings and events:

LWV Klamath County will hold their annual meeting on April 18. All interested parties are invited to attend for a vegan dinner and election of officers.

The LWV Oregon has recently produced a comprehensive report on Hard Rock Mining. Read up on this subject which was discussed at our March 21 meeting.

Recent LWV Klamath County Activities:

jordan cove lng pipeline project

LWV Klamath County President Leslie Lowe, with the support of Diane Eastman-Shockey, participated in a public hearing concerning the Jordan Cove Liquid natural Gas (LNG) Pipeline Project on Monday January 7, 2019. Leslie spoke against the project and presented written comments.

The LWV Oregon submitted two lengthy position papers on the Jordan Cove LNG project at prior hearings. This was done on behalf of four local LWV chapters, including Klamath County. Read them for a detailed analysis of this issue. They are here (1) and here (2).

LWV Klamath County, General meeting, May, 2018

If you were unable to attend our last Annual meeting, here is a link to our LWV Klamath Annual Meeting Presentation on Immigration issues in Klamath County on May 17, 2018.  We invited Immigration Attorney in Klamath, Neal Metler, and Miss Cinco de Mayo Klamath County 2018, Victoria Gaeta.  The full presentation is about 49 minutes long.

We were able to record this thanks to Chris Marshall, who also has a radio show at OIT and teaches at KCC.  We were able to share this with you thanks to Sarah Andrews, LWVOR office coordinator. It takes a community of people to keep LWV alive and well.

Updates on recent and upcoming activities from LWV and LWV Oregon:


On Friday, January 4, HR1 was introduced in the House of Representatives. This bill comprises a bold, transformative set of reforms to strengthen our democracy and return political power to the people. The League of Women Voters has worked to influence the language of this bill to ensure that voting rights are strengthened by this important legislation. LWV has done so within the Declaration for American Democracy coalition.  

Why we need a comprehensive package of democracy reforms:   

  • It should be easier, not harder, to vote. The For the People Act improves access to voting with reforms like Same Day Registration and Automatic Voter Registration. 
  • More needs to be done to protect voters’ voices. The For the People Act requires independent redistricting commissions, ends voter roll purges based on failure to vote, and restores the Voting Rights Act. 
  • Our government should respond to the will of the people, not the interests of powerful corporations and wealthy donors.  
  • The For the People Act includes strong provisions for improving transparency in campaign finance and strengthening government ethics enforcement. 

Why the League of Women Voters supports the For the People Act:   

  • As an organization with a mission of empowering voters and defending democracy, the League of Women Voters is proud to support legislation that does the same.  
  • The For the People Act will improve American elections by making our election system more free, fair, and accessible to all eligible Americans. 
  • The League worked behind the scenes to influence the language of HR1, including a push to include Same Day Registration. Our organization has a rich history of working with Congress to improve registration on behalf of all voters.  
  • We are encouraged by the extraordinary and comprehensive reforms in HR1 that are good for all Americans and deserve bipartisan support. 

What citizens can do to support the For the People Act:   

  • The For the People Act makes elections fairer and puts power back in the hands of the American people. It deserves support from all members of Congress.  
  • Call your legislators and tell them how important this package of reforms is to the future of our democracy. Urge them to vote in favor of HR1. 

from the LWV Oregon:

Voter Service:
Many thanks to all volunteers for the hard work on Voter Service during the election season!

The Action Committee has completed its priorities for the next legislative session.

Our series of 16 Redistricting Forums throughout the state has been a great success. A total of nearly 600 people attended! More forums will be scheduled for January and February. The draft constitutional amendment completed by the Redistricting Matters Coalition will be submitted to Legislative Counsel for putting into bill form for the next legislative session.

League Management:
The LWVOR Board approved the Hard Rock Mining report and consensus questions. The report must yet go through final editing, formatting and printing. The deadline for consensus reports is May 1.

Honoring her work for decades for the LWV, Common Cause and AAUW, Common Cause of Oregon has created a Kappy Eaton Legislative Fellowship/Internship focused on legislative work during the upcoming session. If you know a college student seeking to strengthen leadership and organizing skills, then please contact CC Oregon for more information.

What Would Alice Paul Do? Podcast: Episode 22: 2018 Midterm Recap and Reflection

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