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Make your opinion count! Get involved in democracy!

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How do we get involved in our democracy?


  • What is the political alternative if we as citizens do not get involved with our government?
  • Do we want non-democratic ways of governing?
  • Do we want someone to ‘take care of government for us?’
  • If the answer is “no” to the above questions, then we must ask ourselves, what are the ways for us to be involved with our government?

Examining the science of voting: Union of Concerned scientists.


  • VOTE
  • Call or email elected officials
  • Join an internet action group on specific issues
  • Join an issues or political action group and help with the cause with signature gathering, lawn signs, public information meetings, letters to the editor, phone calls, etc.
  • Read or listen to news media and stay informed
  • Run for an electable office at local, state, or national levels
  • Support candidates who run for office
  • Join LWV
  • Research issues
  • Educate voters via newsletters, forums, voter’s guides, etc.
  • volunteer at election time


candidate forums

find public meetings on our calendar.

  • Candidates’ Forums in election years: We sponsor a televised Candidates’ Night about 3 weeks before ballots are due to help community members meet the candidates and hear their points of view.  This major chapter activity allows questions from both the participating audience and our television audience.
  • Annual Study: Every May, we choose a topic to study throughout the year.  As a result of the study, we may take action in our local community or publish results.
  • Work on local issues as they arise: Every Board meeting includes topics of local interest. Everyone has a voice at the meetings.
Engaged women at our meeting
LWV Klamath County Annual Meeting, May, 2018

Previous study topics have included:

As a result of numerous studies in the area of sustainable living and development, LWV of Klamath County created a Position Paper and helped to found Klamath Sustainable Communities in 1995. 


Examples of Study Areas which result in Position Papers, Legislative Action, and Local Programs

  • Air Pollution, Toxic Waste, and  Clean Water
  • Community Safety
  • Education
  • Health
  • Land Use
  • Low-cost Housing
  • Race Relations and Diversity Issues
  • Transportation Access

When you act with others as a member of the LWV, your voice is magnified.

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