Become an Informed Voter

become an informed voter LWV Klamath

informed voters: what it means

Voters should be informed voters. That means you have studied the issues you will decide on, and the candidates who will represent you. There is a lot of information available, some of it factual, some biased. Some is promoted by a particular cause or candidate. Some is offered by non-partisan groups like the LWV, or by a foundation or public policy group. This is why you need to study the information carefully. Here are some basic sources of information from the LWV and local governments, including a list of all your representatives. At the end is a list of sources to locate other kinds of public policy information.

Be informed voters: LWV of United States

informed voters LWV Klamath County

The LWV US studies vital issues related to voting and the function of government at the national level. They study issues and provide information to educate voters on a non-partisan basis. Learn about national studies and projects, take action on issues, access the LWV national library, etc.

Public Policy Positions

Be informed voters: LWV Oregon

The LWV Oregon works at our state level to mirror efforts by the national League. They also study issues and provide voter information. Learn about our Oregon state-level organization.

State level positions (HERE) and actions (HERE)

These pages include such topics as Governance, Natural Resources, and Social Policy, and give lots of information about the Oregon League, including the Action Calendar.

Be informed voters: Klamath County Government 

Your local levels of government provide the structure to make your everyday life function. They regulate taxes, land use, urban planning, law enforcement, garbage, local infrastructure, etc. These services and regulations affect your life directly. Get information about Klamath County Government  as well as access to other county services and information.

Be informed voters: Klamath Falls City Government

Get information about Klamath Falls City Government  as well as access to other city services and information.

Who are my representatives?

Informed voters learn about all the elected officials who represent them regarding every issue. You have elected representatives at every level: city, county, state, and federal. Here is how to locate them:

Here are some other sources to find groups that can educate you on different kinds of issues.

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